The best food and wine combinations for you this summer

Welcome to Spring and boy do the tropical spring dishes taste good. Good news is that thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. Yes they are! And special occasions call for special dishes and special drinks to spur up the occasions really nice. Ever thought of having wine and champagne this season with the tastiest of dishes? Well, you are in luck because Wine Market Discount Code is not just round the corner too but also the best thing for the season as well. Go get such amazing discounts at SuperSaverMama

Now, we’ll show you some combinations of food and wine that are perfect for the season.

1). Syrah wine & spicy dishes:

Syrah wine (also known as Shiraz wine) has the perfect tendency to along well with spicy dishes: dishes with loads of cumin, harissa, Chinese five spice, tabasco or any other dishes having heavy spices. In short, this wine would go along well with Italian, Spanish, Indian, Mexican or any other Latin American cuisine dishes.

2). Sauvignon Blanc with tangy foods

The Sauvignon Blanc wine is renowned for its sweet herbal taste and is quite popular in France. The name Sauvignon Blanc is derived from the name for the first indigenous grape in France. This wine will certainly go along well with tangy and tart like foods such as Salads with vinaigrettes and dishes of fish & chicken with citrus sauces.

3). Pinot Grigio & Seafood

Pinot Grigio sounds Italian in name but its origins are found in German speaking region of France (Alsace) as the grapes for this one are grown in Italy, France, Germany and the U.S.A as well as the German speaking regions of Australia. This wine is not only sweeter than the Sauvignon Blanc but also goes best with light seafood dishes and that too with white flesh fishes (Hallibut and Flounder in particular). Ensure that these dishes are without sauces.

4). Champagne & salty food items:

Champagne has a unique taste and is savoured on special occasions. What’s surprising is that despite the fact it is most served on weddings and anniversaries, Champagne goes well with chips, peanuts, cheese straws and other kind of nuts as well.

5). Dessert wines & Desserts:

Dessert wines are sweet tasting wines served typically with desserts. You can have this wine with your favourite sweet and dark chocolate as well.

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